Irrelevance in Abundance.

A$AP Rocky - Long Live A$AP


Yeah, this review is a month late, but whatever. Long Live A$AP stands out in the realm of new Rap in that it is one of the few timeless pieces released in the past year. 

On Long Live A$AP, the New York based rapper offers new sonic capabilities for the Rap genre. For good reasons, it is one of the most highly acclaimed albums released in the genre this year.

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Alt-J - An Awesome Wave


In order to understand Alt-J as a band, and the work they produce, there is a certain amount of investigative responsibility put upon the listener.

Take the band’s name for example. Alt-J refers to a typical command found on the keyboard, resulting in the following symbol: ∆. Sure, this is representative of the Greek word, “delta.” However, what is truly important here is that ∆ is often considered equivalent to change.

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Get Chummy With Earl Sweatshirt

Wow. It’s been a long absence for us here at MilkDrinksCat. It’s not that we have forgotten about this blog, or our ownership of it. We have simply been bogged down the past few months with other work and pressing matters. Not only have we been busy, but the general quality of music being produced is uninspiring.

However, Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future has us changing our minds about him. On his newest single, “Chum,” the Los Angeles based rapper takes listeners on a flash-back on what has brought him thus far into the lime light. “It’s probably been like twelve years since my father left/ left me fatherless/ and I used to say I hate him in dishonest jest.” In “Chum,” Earl is finally bearing his true character, using familial anecdotes to draw in the listener.

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Earlier this year the world was graced with what many called the first worthy film about Bob Marley, and (Netflix users rejoice) we finally saw it for ourselves. To say the least, we were pleased.

Besides being so close to our own hearts, Bob Marley is one of the most beloved figures across the globe, his music taking root in every place we’ve visited on five continents. This documentary is a definitive biography of the legend, and it is long overdue. In our experience, and despite his universal acclaim, the vast majority of people have a lot of misconceptions about who this artist even was.

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Bob Dylan’s Lost Record

This past weekend, while perusing the aisles of Denver’s beloved record store, Twist & Shout, we made a rare find under the letter “D”. Alas, while the album above may leave something to be desired in aesthetics, it is a treasure and the best used record we’ve purchased in a long time.

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Four Albums In, And Grizzly Bear Is Not Putting Down Their “Shields”

Shields, the latest release by Grizzly Bear, is sonically a logical next step for the band. The sound somehow seems tighter, and more focused. We think that this works beautifully on the album, and the band sinks into what makes them best.

On Yellow House, Grizzly Bear was announcing themselves to the world with a major release. Veckatemeist was a further exploration of the whimsical, chill soundscape that they created on Yellow House. And now, Shields very much feels like a further revelation of what Grizzly Bear is exactly. 

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Why We Will Never Watch The New Jeff Buckley Movie

Some things on this earth should not be touched. A dead giant is one of them.

We at MilkDrinksCat know what it’s like to have a good idea that turns out to be a bad one. Regretfully, a film about the late Jeff Buckley is such an instance. 

Just like the souls of Kurt, Janis and Jimi should be able to rest in peace, free from Hollywood exploitation, Jeff Buckley should too. In this vain, the unauthorized biopic about Jimi Hendrix (starring Andre 3000 as Jimi no less) is is an equally bad idea.

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Open Your Ears To The Lumineers

As good Coloradans, we always like to root for our home team. However, sometimes the home team doesn’t even need our support because they can already stand on their own two feet.

The Lumineers are a Dever based band that came out of nowhere. As decent followers of the local scene, we were surprised to learn this band was from our hood without ever hearing of them. With only a single album to their name, The Lumineers are already enjoying the attention of a successful and beloved band. And they deserve it.

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Mount Eerie’s Ocean Roar

As you might remember, we did a review on Mount Eerie’s album released earlier this year entitled Clear Moon. Now, mere month’s later, Mount Eerie is back at it again, with a new disc named Ocean Roar. 

Ocean Roar wastes no time. From the very get go, Phil Elverum takes off right where he left off on his last effort as Mount Eerie on Clear Moon

The songs are at first abrasive and powerful, but with a greater understanding of the two discs released in the same year, Ocean Roar feels like an appropriate follow up album. Where as Clear Moon left some loose creative ends, Ocean Roar ties them all together to make a cohesive piece.

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The xx Is Learning To Coexist

Today, September 11th, the xx released their sophomore album entitled Coexist, as a special bonus for purchasing tickets for their current tour. Highly anticipated, the album is a self-conscious second disc. 

Every part of the album, including the artwork reiterates the fact that Coexist is a  sophomore record. However, whereas this would be a bad thing for most bands or artists, the xx pull off their second effort concisely and directly.

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